How to Find Opportunities in Real Estate

If you’re flexible about the neighborhoods you can buy property in, the property’s amenities, or its views, you can go into an area where the inventory is really high.

Pick, for example, an area with three years’ worth of inventory. This means if no new listing came on the market, at the current rate of absorption, it would take about three years for all the properties to sell. Six to nine months is considered a balanced market. Within that area, there will probably be some sellers that really want or need to sell. You can make a strategy in which you see many properties and if they fall within your guidelines, you can have your realtor write up offers that are lower than the asking price (sometimes considerably lower) and submit these offers. If you do this many times, you’re bound to come across a seller who has to sell.

What we can do for you is create a template for your offers, which will have your title company, the amounts of your deposits, etc -- this way, it’s easy for us to make multiple offers quickly, so we can get you the best deal.  Contact us for more information about this strategy.


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