Three Tips to Make Your Property Sell Faster and for a Higher Price

Tip #1: Eliminate Distractions

The first ten seconds when a buyer walks into your property mean everything. Their first impression is very strong. People see things like a computer program scanning something. If there are too many things in view, they get distracted and they don’t see it all. What you want to do is eliminate all the distractions. Starting at the floor level, take everything off the floor as if you were going to shampoo a carpet or re-do a wood floor. Then only put back things that are absolutely necessary, functional, or have aesthetic value. You may find that you have some furniture that could be removed. Then go up to the next level: any flat surfaces like counters and furniture. Remove everything from tables, desks, and shelves that doesn’t have true functionality necessary for day-to-day life or aesthetic value. Once you’ve done this, take away personal items so that the buyer can see the property as their place, rather than somebody else’s. If you have lots of family pictures, even though they’re very important, it’s best to put them away when you’re selling. Moving to the kitchen, you may find you have lots of things in the kitchen that you use but that also clutter your counters. If you don’t use them every single day (like coffee makers and toasters), then put them inside cabinets and clear the counters of everything except the bare minimum you need every day. If you do that throughout the property, you will eliminate the distractions and make the place look a lot better, like a model home. Some people find it convenient, and money well spent, to rent a storage unit for their extra items while they are selling.

Tip #2: Eliminate Concerns

Concerns arise when a buyer notices something and it doesn’t seem right: a loose doorknob, a bi-fold closet door that’s not on its tracks, or a stain on the ceiling from a now-replaced leaky roof. These things make buyers feel like the place is falling apart. Go through every room in your property and check that everything is in order. Fix everything that’s not right, so you can eliminate all their concerns.

Tip #3: Make Enhancements

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or renovate your property. There are small, affordable touches that can make your property look better. If your kitchen looks a little dated, you may want to paint the kitchen cabinets (if that’s possible) and change the handles. If you have carpeting, replace the carpets. If you have marble floor that needs to be refinished, do it. Wood floors that are worn out should be refinished also. And don’t forget a coat of paint really goes a long way and is the most cost effective enhancement.

If you utilize those three tips, you’ll see a big difference. You’ll like your home so much, maybe you will want to buy it yourself!


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