What Every Seller Needs to Know

The Benefits of Using Us 

You’ll experience a wide variety of benefits when you hire a real estate professional. Successfully selling a property is a complicated exercise, and we have the experience, resources and contacts to complete your sale quickly and smoothly. We're a boutique real estate company in Miami Beach with over 25 years of experience as single agents in the real estate industry.  Today, there are two types of real estate agents in Florida: single agents and transaction brokers - the vast majority being transaction brokers.  By law, transaction brokers offer a limited form of representation where full disclosure, loyalty, and obedience are not required, and confidentiality is on a limited basis.
We’re different. By law, as single agents, we owe our clients full disclosure, loyalty, and obedience, as well as full confidentiality.  Our loyalty is undivided: it’s always to our clients not to the deal at hand.  Whether buying, selling, or leasing, we represent our clients’ interests first and foremost.
Ralph De Martino is a broker and the president of OCean International Realty. He is on the board of the highly-acclaimed Master Brokers Forum, which is comprised of the top 1% of Miami's realtors. His experience spans two and a half decades. 
Aura Cecilia Rengifo enjoyed a successful career in international business development, international relations, and academia across Latin America, Europe, and China for over 20 years before becoming a single agent broker a decade ago.  


We will help you determine the selling price of your property at a level that accurately reflects its value in current market conditions and will not cost you missed opportunities.


We carefully  analyze all the attributes of the property  which provides us the details necessary to create compelling marketing pieces that will get the buyers contacting us directly, and getting us on the showing lists of agents with buyers.

In the Multiple Listing System buyers' agents use, we have space for 35 photos, which we take full advantage of by filling every slot with a great picture. There are 510 character spaces for marketing text; we use all the space to create tantalizing descriptions that can’t be resisted.
In addition, we use custom postcard mailings nd extensive email marketing to a large database of real estate prospects, and to the members of the Master Brokers Forum (Miami-Dade’s Top Real Estate Agents). Our emails contain direct links to our website, where your property is listed. We make calls to all our existing buyer prospects,  advertise in full color real estate magazines, use Showcase Listing Enhancement on Realtor.com (the most visited website for real estate searches worldwide). We also use website distributions going to over 300 well-known (and not so well-know) websites and share our listings with International Partner Associations in Europe and Latin America.

As single agents, we see ourselves as your advocates. We fight to get you the best prices and terms possible. We take time to find out everything we can about the person making the offer, so we always noegicate from a position of strength, rather than weakness. 

Monitoring, Renegotiating, Closing or Settling
We will guide you through the minefield of potential problems associated with the appraisal, inspection and financing process, including the often complicated escrow instructions. In addition, we can meet and instruct any specialists or tradespeople who may be required for repairs or other issues that need to be completed before closing.

Setting The Price

 When setting a price for your property, the listing level must strike a balance between the seller’s need to achieve the best-possible return and the buyer’s need to recognize good value. With many years of experience, we can help you set a price that will accomplish both objectives.

Establishing market value
The market value of your property is determined in exactly the same way as any other commodity – what a buyer is willing to pay for it in today’s market. Despite the price you paid originally, or the value of any improvements you may have made, the value is determined by market forces.

Look at the competition

Buyers look at about a dozen properties on average before making an offer on a property. As a result, they have a good overview of the market and will compare your property against the competition. If it’s not in line with similar properties that are available, buyers won’t consider it good value for money.


The Pitfalls of Overpricing

 Overpricing your property in the belief that you can reduce the price back later is a strategy that can backfire badly. For example, by the time you reduce your price, you may miss out on a surge of interest in properties like yours. Also, if prices are lowered, buyers may wonder if there’s something wrong with the property that kept other buyers away. So to keep from selling your property at below market value and from wasting valuable time, don’t fall into the overpricing trap.  


Sources of Buyers 

When you want a buyer, come to us first! 

There are several excellent reasons for selecting us to handle the sale of your property. For starters, our long-standing real estate expertise gives us the ability to network with other firms’ agents to promote your property to the widest possible audience, including exntensive online opportunity. Selling your property depends on a lot more than advertising and signage – it takes referrals, word-of-mouth advertising, and networking.


Our Guarantee to You
A guarantee you can count on

We're so committed to meeting your sales objectives in a professional and pleasing manner, that we are willing to put our guarantee in writing.

Our Performance Guarantee

We will develop a Property Marketing Plan that clearly spells out the methods we will use to promote your property to the widest-possible audience.

If we don’t act according to the agreed activities in the Plan, you may:

• Advise us that you aren’t satisfied and ask for a revision of the Plan
• Cancel the Listing Agreement


Your complete satisfaction is our foremost concern. 


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