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Beach Nature: Ospreys, Our Beautiful Feathered Friends

Anyone with a balcony in Miami Beach has had the chance to witness this beautiful bird take flight. Many people may confuse them with bald eagles, but these cool birds have many unique traits that make them a sight to behold.  Ospreys are frequently confused with other birds of prey, as... more

Beach Nature: How The Gulf Stream Makes Miami Beaches Amazing

Photo: Conde Nast Ever wondered why the water of Miami's beaches is so clear and beautiful? Thank the Gulf Stream, a weather phenomenon we've known about for over 500 years! About The Gulf Stream The Gulf Stream is the major current system of the Atlantic Ocean, which is always in motion. This current... more

Beach Nature: Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Leather Back hatchling //© Florida Fish and Wildlife Living on the Miami coastline can offer amazing opportunities to see Florida's beautiful wildlife, right at your doorstep. April starts sea turtle nesting season in Miami and lucky residents may witness this awe-inspiring process.  Female sea turtles can lay, depending on species, 80-120 eggs... more

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